Matt Simmons is a proud graduate from Texas A&M University where earned a Bachelor's degree in Construction Science and Minor in Business Administration. Out of college, Matt spent five and a half years in large commercial construction and had a managerial role in ground-up construction for both Baylor Health and Parkland Health Systems.

During the boom of the housing industry, he directed his attention to residential work and formed Premier Renovations & Interiors in early 2007. Having remodeled his own home in Plano, he initially set out to rehabilitate and sell residential properties. With the market fall out in residential home prices beginning in late 2007, this endeavor stalled and he repurposed the company to focus on clientele work as a general contractor and eventually formed Cutting Edge Renovations LLC in the middle of 2008.


"If asked why I left a very good salary in the commercial construction realm … the answer is actually three fold.  First, I had remodeled my own house over the years and received a tremendous amount of satisfaction remodeling and updating the look of my home.  Second, I found the "red tape" in commercial construction to be stifling to my creative side.  The third reason is that I wouldn't have left commercial construction at all had my crystal ball predicted the great recession of 2008!  But through hard work and sacrifice, I have managed to keep the company expanding even in this bear market which has allowed me to do what I enjoy - taking an outdated or unattractive home and making it look and function like new again.  It gives me great satisfaction to see my client's reactions to the services we provide."

- Matt Simmons

Deanna S.

“Matt was professional, conscientious and open from the get-go. He helped with every aspect - from the loan docs with the bank to the design of the addition. Most importantly, he kept the subs in-line and did a lot of work himself. He and his crew were on-site every day by 7 and often did not leave until 6 - working most week-ends as well. My neighbors were amazed at (1) how beautiful the house looks and (2) how fast the work was done. All in all, I lived through the experience (in the house) and could have only done so due to the fact that Matt was always super clean and respectful of my needs. I also have to say something very important when choosing a contractor - honesty and integrity are necessary. They are infrequently found when dealing with the building trade. Cutting Edge however has cornered the market on these two principles.”